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Increase Your Conversion Rate
Make your incoming traffic work for you by turning your website into a lead generation tool. You can do this by having enticing offers and call-to-actions. The idea is to get them to raise their hand, so to speak, and say I would like to learn more before I decide to buy from you.

Have you heard? The fortune is in the follow-up.
Turn Prospects Into Customers. By following up with your prospects/leads, you develop a relationship with them.

Here’s the thing. People are getting so much email these days that it’s important to provide your potential clients with valuable information and become an expert in your industry. Otherwise, you will just end up in the trash folder.

The best way to turn prospects into customers is by bribing them with something like a free report and then putting them into an automated email campaign (also called an autoresponder). This way, you build your prospects trust in you so when they are ready to buy, they will be more likely to buy from you.

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