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[RECENT PROJECTS] Building Responsive Website Forms

Investment Works Raleigh InsuranceResponsive web design is important. After all, more than 50 percent of people are looking at your website on a smartphone, tablet, or another device. Your website can look top-notch on a laptop, but if it is hard to read on a device, you’re going to lose business.

We recently worked with Investment Works Insurance Services to update the site. The old site had an outdated look and did not function well for mobile users. The old site also had a video on the home page. While that is an excellent idea, the home page contained no other content, which is not helpful for Search Engine Optimization.

Challenges: Like many businesses, Investment Works has an area of the site where new clients can fill out necessary forms in advance. You often see this in health care, for example. The forms might be printable, or you might fill them out directly online and submit. However, the forms on this website did not function on mobile devices. Visitors could pinch and try to zoom, but filling them out was nearly impossible.

Further, the site’s lack of written content meant Google struggled to figure out how to place the site. Content is a critical piece for search engines — and for your customers.

Solutions: First, we rebuilt the website with today’s best practices and standards. The website now looks more modern and is also more secure. Next, we spent many hours working to make the forms look and work well on tablets and phones. That way any potential client could get started. Finally, we wrote content for the main pages of the website and added a blog section. Business owners often struggle to maintain blogs, but new content on a website makes a big difference in your search engine rankings. Plus, users find that content helpful as they learn about you and decide whether you are the right team for them.

Other Notes: Stock Photos
Many business owners use stock photography to add images to their websites. We are not criticizing that choice; it’s crucial to include images on your website, and hiring a photographer can be expensive. Plus, some industries and businesses do not photograph well or easily.

We want to note here that this client chose his images carefully. He emphasized the importance of making sure his images represented different types of people in various situations. We applaud this effort, and we recommend every business owner strive to keep his or her full audience in mind.

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