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The Importance of Social Media in Your Small Business Marketing

Social media is not a straight path to becoming a billionaire in your small business. No, you won’t go viral three weeks after you start a Facebook account. However, your Cary marketing agency or manager is probably telling you to launch some social media accounts — for many good reasons. Here are just a few:

SEO - We talk a lot about search engine optimization because it matters. More people than ever go online to find what they need. You certainly want them to see you. Social media accounts are just one more element in the many that help your SEO. Sometimes, you may search for a business and find its Facebook page listed higher than its website.
Social proof - If you needed a plumber, you might go online. But you might also ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Maybe you even do this on Facebook or Twitter. (We see this a lot.) If you already have those accounts, it’s far easier for someone to share you and tag you when they recommend your business. Someone not referred to your business can check your social media accounts and discover they know someone who wrote an excellent review on your page. He or she is more likely to choose you.
Spreading the word - You share something useful on social media. Your friend, Mary, shares it with her friends to see. Her friend John “likes” the post and realizes his friend George is looking for your services. John passes your name along.
Connections - Connecting with your customers makes them more likely to be loyal to your brand.
Leads - Connections are also far more likely to convert; they are already a “warm” lead.
Monitoring - People might be talking about you online, even if you’re not there. With social media, you can monitor keywords related to your business to get a sense of what people complain about, what they praise, what your competition is doing, and more. You’re keeping an ear tuned to the conversation.
Advertising - If your business wants to advertise, social media platforms are one place to consider. While a radio ad or billboard may reach more ears or eyes, you can’t target your audience based on your typical customer. With social media ads, you can, focusing on location, interests, gender, and more.

Social media has many other benefits, even if you don’t have thousands of followers. Talk to us about the role social media can play in your small business marketing.

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