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What Project Managers Do for Web Projects

Websites are never fully finished. As soon as your company launches its new website, you’ll have some words to add or change. You may have a new idea about something.

Still, we have to reach a point of completion in order to launch that awesome website. Many managers will work with Print and Web Designer or another Cary marketing firm to build a new website and expect to see the result within a few weeks. While that’s possible, we find a lot of clients don’t realize the amount of work needed on their side of the table to keep things moving forward. A project that starts in March may drag on until October if someone isn’t watching the back-and-forth and going through the checklists.

That’s why we offer project management services for our websites as part of the package. A project manager will make sure your website project doesn’t languish, waiting for someone to approve this or send that. Here are just a few of the ways project managers help get the job done:

● Coordinating communication - If there are too many cooks in the kitchen, your meal will take a long time. A project manager will serve as your point of contact, helping to streamline the process.
● Acquiring information and approvals - Coders can’t stop in the middle of a project to ask you to send the text, photos, and images. Interrupting their workflow is only going to slow things down. A PM can work with your team to make sure the developers have what they need to create your website.
● Scheduling and planning parts of the project - PMs coordinate with both sides to outline the project.
● Alerting teams about problems - Things don’t always go as planned. A project manager can help adjust the plan along the way.

What Makes a Good Web Project Manager?

Project management itself is a field created at first for construction work. While some characteristics of a project manager are the same in all domains, the standards for PMs in that line of work are different. A good website project manager:

● Can communicate with all types and groups of people, from coders to the boss to the client.
● Has some digital experience. Project managers don’t have to be experts in code, but they must have a knowledge base to understand what’s possible in a given time frame.
● Can say “no,” to keep a project on track. Projects can quickly grow outside the scope of work or the budget. A project manager isn’t afraid to point out the pitfalls; he or she works to keep things moving.
● Can handle stress.

Remember, the end goal is to launch a high-quality website that will represent your business. Project managers help you reach the finish line — even if you need to add or change something later.

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