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WordPress Security

WordPress website security is a big topic these days. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms being used today. However, sites have been hacked and people are worried that WordPress isn't safe. It's estimated that 30,000 websites are hacked every day. It's scary but there is quite a bit you can do to protect your WordPress website. We’re going to talk briefly about how to secure your WordPress website.


There is Always a Risk Your Website Will Get Hacked

The reality of website ownership is that sooner or later you are going to have something go wrong with your site. It is important to know that any site, WordPress or otherwise can be hacked if the site is on the internet.

Your website can by no means be 100% safe from hackers. Hackers are always trying new things and learning new ways to cause websites to go down. The online world changes rapidly and the same is true of security. Good website security is about minimizing risk. If anybody tries to sell you a security solution and says it's 100% effective, they’re scamming you. Your website will never be totally safe, but there’s a lot you can do to reduce the threat of being hacked.

3 Kinds of WordPress Website Security You Need

There are three stages to website security: protect, detect and restore. If you truly want to protect your site, you need to do all three.

  1. Protect - First and foremost you need to lock down your site and keep it safe. You’ve got to put in a defense system that can stop attacks to your website before they start.
  2. Detect - No matter how good your protection is hackers may find a way to get into your site. And you need to know when an assault is taking place. The attack won’t always be the kind that makes it obvious your website has been hacked. Sometimes the hackers are tricky and bots will put a bunch of hidden code into your site. It’s no good to have all kinds of security but then not know when some nasty virus found a weak spot and broke through. Malicious bots and hackers may have already broken into your site but the only way you'll know is with detection.
  3. Restore - Finally, you need a way to get your website up and running again after it’s been knocked down. These things happen. The best protection and detection strategies can still be upset and you need to be ready. Having a good backup is important to have so you can get your site restored as quickly as possible.

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