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When it comes to websites, there are some things that a business website must have in order to ensure prospects will choose you over your competitor. Here are my 10 key elements that your website must have: Key Element #1 - Capture their attention You only have between 3 and 7 seconds to capture a reader's attention before they click out of your we
The other day, I wrote about the " 5 Website Must Haves to Get Found Online " which focused on SEO. Today, I would like to focus on content. Content is one of the most significant parts of any website. It's what search engines and people are looking for. Content helps to drive visitors to your site and turns prospects into leads and leads into cust
These days, it’s not enough to design a website, program it, and then host it. Doing website maintenance is critical to keeping your site updated, performing at it optimum level and safe from would be hackers. Websites get hacked every day. In fact, in the neighborhood of 30,000 sites get hacked on a daily basis. If that isn’t enough of
Your website was created quite a few years ago, you made your website yourself because you were just getting started and were short on cash, or my site just isn't converting like it used to. These are just a few of the many reasons you may have decided to go through a website redesign. What's Your Reason for a Website Redesign? Whatever your reason
The other day, I wrote about the "5 Website Must Have for Conversions" where it explained how to get your website visitors to take action and become either a lead or a customer. Today, I would like to talk about design and usability because if you don't have those right, people won't stay on your site long enough to convert into a customer. Design
Remember how SEO use to be? Easy as pie. You create a site, submit your site to the search engines, they would crawl your site and boom – your website is ranked . But now, it is a constant battle about how to improve your website SEO. And there are many misconceptions that people still buy into. Here are 6 misconceptions about SEO: 1. Creating as m
We all know that if you have a business that you need to also have a website. However, having a website doesn't mean a hill of beans if no one can find it. That's why it's an absolute must-have to build your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. These tips will help get you on your way to increasing your organic search engine ranki
The other day, I wrote about the "9 Website Must Haves for Content." It explained how content is one of the most critical parts of any website. Today, I would like to talk about conversion because it is the natural next step in the online marketing funnel. You drive traffic to your site with your great content, now it's time to get your visitors to
I see people a lot of time complaining that they want to get more traffic to their website. Well, it can be done but it does take some time. If you aren’t getting all the traffic you would like to your website, then you may want to take a look at these 5 tips to boost your website traffic. Know What The Search Engines are Looking For - The ke