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Small business owners know they need a website that looks professional and will reassure visitors that they are credible and reliable. Many Cary business owners turn to developers to build a website but then struggle with the back-and-forth required to get the project done. Or, they launch the website quickly but only realize later it’s full
Social media is not a straight path to becoming a billionaire in your small business. No, you won’t go viral three weeks after you start a Facebook account. However, your Cary marketing agency or manager is probably telling you to launch some social media accounts — for many good reasons. Here are just a few: ● SEO - We talk a lot about
Business cards have been part of business for centuries and don’t seem to be going anywhere . Newer business owners in Raleigh and Cary will often turn to these online printing sites to churn out hundreds of business cards before they head out to network. Not so fast. While online ordering is cheap, quick, and easy, you are losing out in othe
Images are a critical part of your website and business blog. After all, whether your visitors are visual or not, pictures give a lot of information about you and your business and can make a blog post far more digestible. As you upload images to your Wordpress or Joomla website, you may notice a section that says “alt.” This is called
A potential client called us with an urgent request: he needed a piece of direct mail sent in seven days. Direct mail can take longer than that, depending on the client, the design, and the mailing specifications. But within one week, we sent out Danny The Trainer’s mailer card. He was so thrilled with the piece, he turned around and hired us
When creating a design for your website or print materials, you might encounter a few terms about colors. But what are these words, why are they different, and why do you need to know? A lot of business owners don’t know these answers, so here is your guide to navigating the color world for print and web design. CMYK CMYK stands for cyan, mag
When you read a magazine, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the design. You flip from one page to the next, enjoying the articles and the photos. That’s what good design does — makes it easy for the reader just to keep going and focus on the content. We recently worked with a new magazine publication, organizing th
If you hear the term “project manager” you may think of someone in a corporation, overseeing software development, or someone in a construction office, making sure the building is done on time and on budget. But project managers make appearances in many fields, coordinating teams to get things done. Your small business may consider work
The Internet is full of terrible websites. Some have ugly design, but many just lack vital elements that make it easy for visitors to get what they need. Business owners must think carefully about this; after all, it’s your website, but it needs to serve potential customers, not you. Forgetting to list your phone number or explain your servic