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5 Ways to Keep Your Website’s Bounce Rate Low and Why it Matters

5 Ways to Keep Your Websites Bounce Rate Low and Why it Matters 1Bounce rates are the percentage of single page visits. This means the users who reach your landing or home page that don’t go any further. A high bounce rate is usually indicative of the fact that your landing page is either irrelevant to your users or that it is not designed in a way that is user friendly.

If you’re trying to increase traffic to your website, a high bounce rate is something you want to try to reduce as much as possible. Luckily, we have five sure fire ways to reduce a high bounce rate.

1.  Design Your Page Properly

Whether it is through the help of a graphic designer or on your own, make sure you have a webpage design that is user friendly. Don’t be afraid to use negative space.

There’s nothing more harrowing than a webpage completely crammed with content. Spacing things out properly can make it easier on the eyes and also allow you to highlight what’s important such as content information and branding.

2.  Make Your Content Easy to Read

Formatting your content properly can make it much, much easier to read. We mean paragraph it properly, give headings and sub headings, use pictures – basically, try and make it easily scroll-able.

In this day and age the chances of someone reading something through and through are low. So if you don’t have your text formatted properly, you run the risk of having people clicking away from your page faster.

3.  Don’t Use Jarring Multimedia or Pop-ups

Auto-playing media is a big no-no. If the users want to play a media file, they will do it themselves. Sometimes automatically played media can cause them to navigate away from the page immediately , especially if they’re visiting your website in public.

Another huge pet peeve is having too many pop-ups, especially if they are irrelevant to the content of your page. Try and keep your landing page clean and simple.

4.  Have Your Brand Clearly Visible

Your website should clearly outline what your brand stands for. If it’s a messy landing page with no clear idea of what services you are providing, the user is going to feel less inclined to stay and interact. Similarly, you should have contact information clearly visible so you seem more approachable as a brand.

5.  Use Reader-friendly Color Schemes

If you have bright colors in your design and a background that makes text difficult to make out clearly then chances of users staying and engaging with your content is low. Keep your design neat and reader-friendly.

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