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Is Google Analytics important to my business?

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a very important online marketing tool. Unfortunately, it is seriously underestimated by most businesses in the Triangle area, NC. This FREE web analytics tool developed by Google allows businesses to measure the results of their individual inbound marketing campaigns in real-time, compare the results to previous campaigns, and so much more.

As a dynamic and customer-oriented small business in the Research Triangle, you cannot disregard the importance of Google Analytics. There is a laundry list of reasons why you should use Google Analytics to measure your website performance. Here are a few of those:

1. Get an overview of all your marketing channels.

With Google Analytics, you can uncover valuable insights about your audience to see which marketing channels and sources drive the most traffic to your website—organic search (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media, referrals (backlinks), or direct traffic. Being able to monitor all online marketing platforms allows you to review what is working well and what is not. For example, if 80% of your total website visitors landed on your website through your social media campaigns, while your paid search campaigns only drove about 20% of all visitors, you know where to put your money in to maximize your earning potential and stay ahead of the game.

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2. Know your target audience.

It is good to know exactly how many people have visited your site and where they came from, but these metrics are not very valuable by themselves. Knowing your user demographic (e.g., their age, gender, geographic location, and interest topics), on the other hand, can be conducive to identifying who your core audiences are on the Internet. For example, you might discover that more than half of all your site visitors are men aged from 20–30 in East Coast Cities (Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR). That is extremely useful and actionable information about who you should be targeting with your online marketing strategies.

3. Track your conversions.

The overview of your marketing channels and user acquisition data can serve as a guiding compass for your online marketing strategies and activities, but how do you know if these strategies and activities actually do work? Regardless of the characteristics of your website visitors, such as the marketing channel they use and their demographic details, you need to know that this traffic is converting. Google Analytics allows you to set goals to track when a user completes a specific action on your site—whether clicking on the “Buy Now” button, requesting a quote, or subscribing to newsletters.

4. Analyze your site visitor engagement.

Google Analytics has a bunch of metrics that allow you to review how well your site visitors interact with your Triangle web design and content. These metrics include:

  • Bounce rate: The percentage of visitors that viewed only one page and then navigated away from your website without further interaction.
  • Pages per session: The average number of pages each visitor has viewed during a session on your website.
  • Average session duration: The average amount of time each user has spent on your website.

You can also analyze these metrics for individual web pages, gaining a clear insight into which pages are performing well and which are not. Based on your findings, you can then smooth out the user experience on the problem pages so that users can move seamlessly toward converting to paying customers with minimal friction. For example, if your site visitors land on your “Contact Us” page but navigate away from your website without filling in the form, you know where you have to make improvements to keep your site visitors engaged.

5. Find out what devices your customers use.

Considering that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, your Durham web design now needs to be mobile-friendly if you want your website to be ranked in the top positions in search engine result pages (SERPs). Google Analytics allows you to monitor which devices your users are using (e.g., desktop/laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or smart wearables). This will give you some indication as to how well your mobile site is performing compared to the desktop version. This can also push you in the right direction in terms of your website optimization—if you receive a similar number of visitors on both mobile and desktop versions but fewer conversions on your mobile site, it may be an issue with the user experience on that version of the site.

6. It is free.

You have heard of the saying, “nothing in life is free.” However, In the case of Google Analytics, it really is free. Unlike other web analytic tools out there, Google does not charge you anything for using this product! Even though there is a paid version called Google Analytics 360, which provides some extra features in terms of reporting validity and sample size, it is primarily for websites that receive more than 10 million page views per month.

Why Should I Use Google Analytics?

If you are not already convinced, let us summarise. Google Analytics allows you to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and gives you insight into your customer’s demographic and behavior as well as your site’s user experience, online content, device functionality, and more. All these metrics show you what is working well and—more importantly—what isn’t. Once you identify any issues your website may have, you can take the appropriate action to fine-tune the success strategy of your business in the Triangle area, NC.

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