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Success or Spam: The Ups and Downs of Email Marketing for Businesses

Email marketing campaigns can be very effectiveThe fact that businesses continue to communicate with customers through email speaks a lot about the popularity and effectiveness of the tool. Had it not been effective, it would have gone extinct as others started to take its place.

And yet, despite the influx of other mediums such as social media, email has continued to be a benchmark for professional marketing. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere soon. But does email marketing work for business, generating the same level of ROI that other forms of marketing do?

The Upside of Email Marketing

There are a number of reasons using email as part of your marketing technique is a smart move. We’ve outlined some of them below;

1.  Efficiency Tracking Analytics

Most email service providers will allow you access to analytics that let you know when your email has been opened. This allows you to track engagement with the content you’ve been sending out.

2.  Personalized Communication

Unlike more generalized communication through social media marketing or even traditional media marketing, email allows you the option to customize communication.

People will be more likely to interact with and respond to communication that is personalized.

3.  Increase in Brand Awareness

Emails can be an effective way to increase brand awareness by keeping people up to date with progress, new offers, and deals you may have. It is more targeted than social media posts which can easily be missed.

4.  Cost Effective

Email marketing will not drain your budget. In fact, it can be virtually free depending on the service provider you use and the frequency of your emails.

The Downside to Email Marketing

Though there may be a large number of pros to using email as a marketing medium, it does have its fair share of cons as well.

1.  Requires Time and Effort

In order to curate a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have a fresh, interactive email design and new content to share. This can take copious amounts of time and effort.

You can get professional help by working with businesses such as Print and Web Design, who make your emails look more appealing. They offer free consultations through their website and can help you understand what your communication design may be lacking.

2.  Difficult to Break Skepticism

Many people may not welcome the idea of an email from an unknown source. This could be a difficult hurdle when it comes to connecting with new customers.

There is also the chance that the analytics you are getting regarding how many times your email was opened is not truly representative of how many people are reading your content.

1.  Spam Filters

Spam filters used by many email providers can filter out your email from your target audience’s inbox. This will mean that you can be doing all the right things and they still won’t be getting your emails.

2.  Easy Opt Outs

Emails make it easy for customers to opt out, and unlike social media where people continue to passively follow you, providing you the chance to win them back, if someone opts out of your email subscription, it can be very difficult to win them back.

Like with any marketing strategy, email marketing requires a carefully planned out strategy. Sending random emails in the hope of engagement will be a poor starting point. However, if used effectively, it could be a fantastic and cost-effective way to boost your brand!

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