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What’s Our SEO Strategy? SEO Services Raleigh NC
If you already have a Website, we first do some research to find out where your business appears on the top search engines for the typical keywords your prospects and customers are searching for.

Once that has been done, we do a more in-depth keyword research to find any keywords that will provide you with the greatest opportunity to gain market share.

When our keyword list is complete, we deploy them throughout your website in such a way that makes both the search engines and your target audience happy. We do this while avoiding over optimization because after all, it is humans that will ultimately be looking for you and at you.

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Because your business has a physical location, we also take into consideration all the local SEO aspects by getting you listed with at least 6 local directories.

We also test the performance of your Website as it relates to speed, navigation, hierarchy, links, indexation, and we check to see if your Website is mobile friendly.

Finally, we install Google Analytic so that you can measure and track your results so adjustments can be made using concrete information.

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