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5 Graphic Design Trends for 2021

The word “design” in bold letters along with black pencilsWeb design is closely linked to world events. 2020 transformed lifestyles all over the globe as COVID-19 changed the way we viewed and interacted with the world.

Lockdowns and work-from-home rules made digital media more important than ever. Here are some latest design trends that have emerged after events of the past year:

1. Retro Vibe

The pandemic has triggered a sense of collective nostalgia where people look back fondly at more “normal” times. In the same spirit, retro designs have made a loud comeback.

Retro style fonts and color palettes are back on the internet, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort in this era of uncertainty. As the pandemic relentlessly dominates the headlines, the popularity of vintage designs is growing everywhere in the world.

2. Muted Color Palettes

While bright and bold designs trended in 2020, muted color palettes are more in vogue in 2021. Muted colors are essentially vivid hues that have had their edges removed and are complemented by black, white, or any other suitable color.

These colors evoke relaxing vibes and are a welcome change from the loud, confusing designs in the previous years. They make you feel safe, and are a throwback to earlier eras. LinkedIn is a good example of a popular website that continues to use muted hues. Click here for tips to boost your website traffic.

3. Symbols

Symbols have been historically effective in evoking different emotions. A simple example is how a red octagon can save lives at a bustling intersection.
Graphic designers are experimenting with symbols to signify growth, resilience, and empowerment. Symbols are useful for expressing a concept and for amalgamating two or more ideas in a single illustration.

4. 3D Design

3D design utilizes technology and software to its optimum. The emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has transformed the user interface of websites and mobile applications. The growth of VR and AR industries are expected to surge considerably in the coming years.

There is likely to be a move towards hyper-real graphics that bring the digital and physical world closer than ever. 3D elements are set to dominate pages rather than being displayed as minor visuals. Graphic designers often combine 3D photos with 2D images or animate them.

5. Geometric Shapes

Abstract shapes and flowing designs were popular last year, but they no longer remain in vogue. Brands are increasingly using geometric shapes to market their products and services.

Geometric designs are much easier and quicker to create. They add a sense of consistency and structure to visuals. Geometric images are not always uniform in style, but still look alike due to similar patterns. They have the added advantage of blending in well with muted colors.

This year graphic designers have generally reverted to trends inspired by the previous decades. There is an air of positivity as 2021 is seen as a step towards the restoration of normalcy. Print and Web Designer offers efficient print and web design services for your website, magazine, and brochures. If you are in Durham, Cary or Raleigh, and looking for a digital marketing strategy to transform your business, explore our website or call us at 919-891-0545 today!

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