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8 Tips to Strengthen Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Inbound marketing is a relatively new approach to marketing. In the past, we pushed out messages to our potential customers. You may still use that approach sometimes, such as when you advertise. However, business owners today should also use inbound marketing, which is drawing people into your business instead.

Creating an active, useful inbound marketing campaign means more than just tossing up a few blog posts. Improve your technique with these 8 tips:

  1. Create remarkable content. The internet is full of the same old articles and click-bait headlines. How does your content help the customer? What insight are you offering? What’s different about you?
  2. Optimize your website. Make sure you know your keywords and use them. Fill out meta data and alt tags for all pages and posts. And be sure to use title tags. If you’re not sure about what that means, start with our SEO basics and contact us to learn more.
  3. Employ call-to-action statements. Each page and post on your website should encourage the reader to take a step. That step might be to sign up for a newsletter if that’s your goal. Most often, you want him or her to contact you so you can begin a conversation. Make your call to action as precise as possible.
  4. Create landing pages for specific campaigns. A landing page is one single website page with the sole goal of converting potential customers into actual customers. If you are targeting a specific audience, you can create content or advertisements around that goal and direct all traffic to the landing page instead of your website. There, they will fill out a form in exchange for some information. You do this to track whether the campaign is working and to capture information about those people for later follow-up.
  5. Think visual. Does your website look good? Do your blog posts have images? Do you have any infographics or video? Is your website outdated? Make sure your online presence is visually appealing, or people will turn away.
  6. Get social. Not all business owners like social media, but it’s advisable to use at least one platform to increase brand awareness and share your content. Why create all that content if you’re not going to put it out there?
  7. Measure. Business owners who don’t believe in marketing probably didn’t measure anything. Keep track of website visits, incoming calls and emails, and the number of people who filled out the form on your landing pages.
  8. Repeat and adjust. Once you’ve begun your inbound marketing campaign, you cannot set it and forget it. Instead, study your numbers. Is it working? If not, what can you change to improve it?

Start bringing customers into your business. Contact us for a free consultation about inbound marketing.

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