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Why Your Business May Need a Marketing Project Manager

If you hear the term “project manager” you may think of someone in a corporation, overseeing software development, or someone in a construction office, making sure the building is done on time and on budget. But project managers make appearances in many fields, coordinating teams to get things done.

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Checklist: What to Send Your Raleigh Website Designer

Websites are a fun project for both the business owner and our team. But if the project drags out for months, both sides may feel frustrated. We want to keep you excited about your new website. That’s why we have created this easy checklist of things we’ll need from you to keep progress moving forward:

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What Type of Content Should I Create for My Business Website?

Raleigh and Cary business owners understand that a blog is a useful way to maintain a strong online presence. Of course, there’s that pesky problem of creating content for the blog on a regular basis. We’ve talked about how often you should blog and how to create a content calendar. But you might also be wondering what type of content to create.

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