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Did You Know: Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations Tips

Did you know 

In today's digital realm, the journey from employee to entrepreneur is quite simple. Starting a business is less complex, and anybody can gain visibility, authority, and traffic through social media.

Given that there are about 4 billion social media users today, to say that social media marketing is important would be an understatement. Whether a startup or a multinational corporation, every business in North Carolina uses social media to stay connected with its target audience and get to know them intimately — what they like, what they don't like, and what they are interested in these days. In fact, because all prospective buyers spend a considerable amount of time on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, social media has become an essential aspect of any business' PR strategy.

Six social media and public relations tips to achieve your business goals

If you are a new business owner in Cary, NC, looking for ways to enhance your inbound marketing efforts and get hot leads, social media is your go-to tool. A professional social media profile with the right content can help you appear as a credible brand with worthwhile product and service offerings. 

Here are some tips to be mindful of to get the most out of your social media account and have a profitable PR strategy.

1. Tap into influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is every business owner's lifesaver, especially those in the B2C space. Capitalizing on the wider following of popular influencers, you can spread the word about your products. To ensure mutual benefit, offer influencers your products for free or give them a handsome sum for promoting your brand. 

A word of caution, though: do not blindly choose any influencer with a larger follower base. Be more careful when picking the influencer after analyzing who your prospects follow the most. When your target customers will see your products in the hands of their favorite content creators, they would love to buy them as well.

2. Use social media to boost your PR strategy

Social media has become a vital part of every brand's PR strategy, as it helps maintain a positive image in the industry. Using common platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can announce the breaking news about your company or promote your upcoming products.

There are many ways to use your social media profile as a promotional avenue and maintain favorable public relations. For example, you can use a recent press release summary to caption a social media post. You can also convert your press release into a striking infographic and upload it on social media to catch some eyes. 

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3. Build stronger bonds with your target audience

It goes without saying that a satisfied target audience is directly proportional to the success of a business. Therefore, keep your existing and prospective customers happy by offering the best customer support. In addition to that, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and stay in touch with them through social media.

Remember, most interactions on social media are public — all your customers can see them and evaluate your brand. So, create a positive impression by quickly responding to queries and extending gratitude for all compliments by satisfied customers. In addition, ask relevant questions for higher engagement and visibility. 

Pro tip: Never be overly promotional and engage authentically. 

4. Share valuable content on social media

Merely creating a profile on social channels will yield no results. Remember, your sole aim to utilize social media is to engage with your audience, position yourself as an industry expert, stay on top of your customer's minds, and generate engagement — and a dormant social media account will not create any buzz.

Therefore, stay consistently active on social media and post relevant, valuable information for the benefit of your customers. Heaps of worthy, helpful content will make you come across as an industry leader and drive people's attention. In addition, posting regularly will boost engagement, visibility, and credibility. 

5. Offer to write a free article on a relevant topic for a local newspaper

Connecting with a local newspaper is a wise idea to spread the word about your brand and expand your customer base. Newspapers already have a wider readership, which you can capitalize on. Ask if they can spare a column for you and allow you to write a free article, which their readers will enjoy.

An article in a reputable newspaper will boost your status within the community. In addition, it will drive traffic to your website. If the article is published online, it will improve your search engine ranking immensely. However, do not have ulterior motives in mind while drafting the article — it should be purely informational, not promotional.

6. Communicate with journalists and publishers via Twitter

Sadly, Twitter remains uncharted territory. Yet, it is a great marketing platform if leveraged strategically. You can use Twitter to interact with popular journalists to get coverage of your products or business. However, success will depend on how good your social media engagement and credibility are — every journalist will judge you based on your online presence before promoting you.

Moreover, do not cold-pitch journalists mindlessly with self-centered interests. Take time to get to know their interests and stories. Start by sharing their articles and extending a non-promotional hand of friendship. Eventually, work toward your original intention — to get a positive promotion — but keep the professional friendship intact.

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