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How To Choose the Right Colors For Your Brand

How To Choose the Right Colors For Your Brand 1Before you design your logo, you should know that the colors that you use to represent your brand have a massive impact on consumer behavior. According to research, 85% of consumers believe that colors are one of the biggest factors that make them choose a product. 92% of consumers agree that visual appearance is one of the most significant marketing factors for them!

Considering how much importance colors in your brand hold, it is crucial to choose colors very carefully. If it’s your first time with brand design, these tips below will help you a great deal when it comes to selecting the right colors for your brand.

1.  Be Clear About Your Goal
Every brand has a distinct goal. Every color signifies a different meaning. Before you can choose the colors in your brand, you should be very clear about what the goal of your brand is. Once you’re clear about what you want to achieve through your brand and how you want the target audience to feel towards your brand, you’ll be able to choose the colors that are the most impressive and most expressive.
For example, Coca Cola uses a dominating red color for its brand. Red signifies energy, and that’s exactly what Coca Cola is all about. Do you see how the color and the goal are aligned so perfectly?

2.  Understand Color Psychology
Like we mentioned earlier, every color has a distinct meaning. Understanding color psychology will help you evoke the right feelings in your consumers. Bright and bold colors evoke excitement and energy, whereas softer and more neutral colors provide a soothing and calming effect. You should pick the colors for your brand depending on what your brand is all about.

Adding specific colors in your brand just because you like them isn’t how things are done. The colors you pick should be in line with your brand’s offerings.

3.  Experiment
Different colors can deliver contrastingly different impacts. Therefore, instead of sticking to any one color, you should experiment with at least three colors to ensure that the color palette you’re choosing has an impact as powerful as you want it to be. Also, incorporating other designing concepts to your brand is also a smart way to go about it.

For example, the triangle web design is known as one of the most eye-catching branding formats that many companies use in their logo design, brochure design, and print design in their promotional material.

4.  Analyze Your Competition
Analyzing your competition is also very important. It will help you decide whether you want to stand out or compete directly with the other brands in your industry. Your choice of colors will then depend on what your objective is in regards to your competitors.

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