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Landing Pages 101

What is a Landing Page?
Before we get into the ways you can use a landing page, let's first explore what a landing page is. Technically, a landing page is any web page that someone "lands" on. But when you are talking about landing pages in terms of advertising and marketing, they are a standalone web page that is different from your main website and is used for only one purpose.

Landing pages are a very important part of any effective marketing strategy. According to Interactive Marketing, keeping relevant, focused, important information on a single page can increase conversions by 55%.

2 Types of Landing Pages

There are basically two types of landing page. The first is used for lead generation or as a lead capture page. The only purpose for a lead capture page is to collect the visitor's information. Allowing you to connect with and market to your prospect at a later time.

The second type of landing page is called a click through landing page. It's only purpose is to get the visitor to click through to another page. This type of landing page is typically used for funnels where there is an actual product to purchase.

Both are used to help you narrow your focus and remove any doubt about what action you want your visitor to take.

What are Landing Pages Used For?

As a place to direct your pay-per-click ads.

  • To segment your offers.
  • To segment your audience.
  • To promote your new product launch.
  • To get people to your event.
  • To gather leads.
  • To download ebooks, whitepapers, etc
  • To sign up for webinars

A good landing page can increase conversions for your PPC or email marketing campaigns. Instead of directing your visitors from an ad to your main website, where they may or may not do what you want, you can send them to a landing page that has only one purpose.

You can use landing pages to direct your visitors to the right page for them with the exact offer they are looking for. This increases the chance that your visitor will convert into a lead or a sale.

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