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Reasons Why Typography Is Important

Style is the answer to everything - TypographyThe use of typographic elements is ubiquitous today — especially in text-based designs. For brand designers in NC, typefaces are critical in delivering a message to a business’s target demographic. If a brand design is not well-equipped with typography, it is ineffective. This blog will discuss what typography is and why your business needs to leverage it.

Brands must carve out their unique identities in today’s competitive marketplace. They must capture the attention of their target customers to communicate a brand message effectively. To do this, brand designers often use typography to transform words into arresting visuals.

Typography is ubiquitous. When you see billboards, flyers, logos, sites, or anything else that has text, it involves typography to varying degrees. The creative use of typography gives the text in the design unique shapes and places the letters so they become memorable for viewers. Therefore, we can infer that strategic use of typography is critical for a Raleigh business — particularly an ambitious startup — to stand out in its niche market. This design element adds individuality to logos, websites, and other marketing tools.  

Here are eight reasons why typography is critical for a brand design:

1. Attract the audience’s attention

People’s attention span is rapidly dwindling — and it is now only eight seconds! Raleigh businesses must seize their target customers’ attention during this period of temporal friction. Brand designers can leverage the power of typography to grab the audience’s eye quickly. 

Because typefaces come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles, these characteristics become critical when creating distinctive designs. Today’s designers even employ kinetic typography (or “moving text”) to direct viewers’ attention to specific elements.

2. Make text more readable

A well-designed typeface ensures that visitors can easily understand the content on a web page. On the other hand, poor choice of typefaces will complicate the presentation for the viewers. For example, narrow, cramped typefaces can cause eye strain.

The readability of the text is also highly dependent on the way a web design expert aligns and arranges the text. Traditionally, designers aligned the typeface in four ways: right, left, centered, and justified. However, they can now align text in any direction they like, thanks to the magic of Cascading Style Sheets (better known as “CSS”) and Photoshop. The text alignment also serves another purpose — it directs the reader’s attention to essential information.

3. Create a hierarchy

A skilled and experienced Raleigh brand designer effectively uses varying font sizes and font types to direct the viewer’s attention to the most critical information first. The viewer can quickly find information with a quick glance. The designer does this by using a range of font sizes for the heading, subheadings, and text body.

4. Improves brand recognition

Brand recognition is critical for any Raleigh business to thrive in the market. Typefaces are the visuals that target customers tend to retain for a long time. These visuals help a business build awareness with its target customers — no wonder many modern logos are based on typography. 

It is worth mentioning that you must use typography with consideration to get the intended effect on the audience and how they should view your brand. 

5. Add value and tone to your brand

You can also use typography to establish your brand’s values and tone. Each typeface possesses the ability to represent businesses in unique ways, depending on what they do and for what they stand. This is precisely why there are so many different types of typefaces — they are each used to convey different emotions and effects through design. 

The audience understands a design by understanding its message. So designers use typefaces that establish the tone for presenting and communicating a certain message. Consider sans-serif fonts. These are often chosen to give a design or web page a clean, intuitive, and easy-to-read aesthetic. Therefore, these are contemporary typefaces. On the other hand, Serifs are often considered traditional or old-fashioned. However, because these are more readable, brand designers favor them for longer-form material like books and blogs.

6. Establish harmony

Brand designers also use typography to ensure the coherence of a Cary web design. The designers use the same typeface for similar content to ensure that it is instantly recognizable. This also contributes to the design’s continuity. A harmonious design has a visual impact on viewers.  

7. Give a design some personality

Among the features of typographic design is that it imbues a design with individuality. You can employ certain typefaces to express the unique characteristics of your Raleigh brand. Because of the smart use of typefaces, your web design can look pleasant, playful, or professional. 

Different typefaces and fonts have different personalities and meanings — and a designer uses this to endow a design with flair. So while choosing the right typefaces with the right personality balance is challenging, it is critical for creating distinctive designs.


8. Make a visual statement

Typography is equally critical in establishing an impression with site visitors. Its most obvious example is that designers increasingly use larger typefaces to create a dramatic visual impact. They communicate to viewers the content’s purpose.  

Today’s brand designers seem to adhere to a new idea of conveying a message using bold typography. As a result, websites feature larger headers like the cover of a book.

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Final thoughts

These benefits of typography should convince you to reconsider your brand’s visual identity. Now, if you believe you should redo your website, brochure, business card, logo, and a whole gamut of marketing materials using the power of typography, then delegate the task to an expert Raleigh brand designer.

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