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Website Design Process for Clients

An example of different types of web designWeb users prefer visiting websites that are more aesthetic and pleasing rather than plain and simple. Therefore, web design is an integral part of any marketing strategy. According to Research Gate, web design has been identified as a key factor for the acceptance and success of many e-commerce websites. This blog provides a simple guide to effective web designing.

Inbound Marketing
The chances of increased web traffic go up when you couple inbound marketing with a website specifically optimized for such an endeavor. There are a few key elements for this process:

Keep It Simple
Users sometimes leave a website when they can’t find the content that they are looking for. The concept here is to use less content in order to avoid clutter. Also, get to the point as quickly as possible. Don’t let your visitors look around for too long.

Make It Dynamic
Use interactive features such as enhanced colors and drop-down menus to really enhance your site and personalization options. This ensures that visitors stay longer on your website.

A CTA is very important – especially if you’re looking to increase your conversions. The placement of CTA is equally important too. It should be appealing (not too bright or dull) and easy to find. An example of a good CTA is “for more details, please click here.”

A Few Simple Steps for Web Designing
There are so many people out there who can easily design a website for your business. However, it takes an expert to design a website that is not only detail-oriented but also provides a good user experience. Here are a few steps you need to consider while designing a website for your clients:

1, Strategic Planning
Every project starts with an end result in mind, one that involves a lot of research, strategy, planning, and goal setting. There are many factors that you need to keep in mind. For example, you need to think about the target market, conduct research on the products and services, any problems that the users could face, competitors’ website design, etc.

An important element of strategic planning is keyword research. For your SEO project to be successful, you need to know what keywords customers are using to search for a product or service.

2. Design and Develop
This stage is a little complex. It involves gathering all of the ideas discussed in the first step and taking it to the next level. You basically create a framework and convert your ideas from the thinking process to reality. It also involves the structure of the site and the visual representation.

This involves writing the HTML and CSS codes for the basic website. You don’t have to work on complicated coding at this point. For now, just focus on the basics.

You need to refer to what you originally planned for the website in order to start programming work. This stage includes developing the final framework of the site, such as code templates, special interactive features, links and content, etc.

3. Testing
The testing stage involves rigorous testing of all of the features of the website, starting from keyword search all the way to special features and content. You also need to check the website through code validators, broken link checkers, web health checks, spellcheck, etc., before going live. Also, test the website by using multiple browsers and platforms before launch.

4, After launch Checks
Once the website has been launched, there are a couple of things you need to check.

The website should be under indexation by Google or Bing. It could generally take about a week to completely index a website.

Webmaster Tools
Check out Google and Bing webmaster tools to identify any errors. One common error that is found on websites is the 404 error.

Web designing is an integral part of any business that wants to be successful. It should not be taken lightly, as it can eventually lead to more conversions and leads. The most important aspect of web designing is that it enhances the user experiences and allows them to easily navigate your website.

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