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What Type of Content Should I Create for My Business Website?

Raleigh and Cary business owners understand that a blog is a useful way to maintain a strong online presence. Of course, there’s that pesky problem of creating content for the blog on a regular basis. We’ve talked about how often you should blog and how to create a content calendar. But you might also be wondering what type of content to create.

Blog posts are the obvious answer, but words are not the only thing your clients and readers will find helpful. Here are three other options and some notes about how to try them.


Video is a big deal, and your website should include at least one video. Studies show people will stay on the page longer and engage more frequently with video. Newsletters with video are read for longer as well. What are you viewing on Facebook? Chances are, you stopped to see a video.

How to Use: Record an introduction of yourself or your services for your website’s home page or About page. Take a break from writing blog posts by explaining your points on video. If you can, try one video per month instead of a blog post.

Pro Tips: Keep videos short, preferably under two minutes. If you can’t work with a professional videographer, be sure to light yourself well and attach an external microphone to your camera for better sound quality.


An infographic is a designed image that explains something. Just like with video, people will engage with these more often than with regular posts.

How to Use: Create one per quarter to explain something about your industry, show some statistics, or as a how-to for your products or services.

Pro Tips: Work with a graphic designer who can speak to you about the flow of the image. Messy infographics only confuse people.


Webinars are an educational session with voiceover and either video or a power point style presentation. Most are either 30 minutes or an hour with the last 10 minutes available for questions. Often people use GoTo Meeting or similar software so people can join in your webinar. Creating them takes a lot of work, but once you create it, you can use it multiple times.

How to Use: Webinars are a lead generation tool. You will acquire people’s email addresses when they sign up. Use those to follow up. Your webinar should also include a call to action and maybe a special offer.

Pro Tips: If you’ve never done a webinar, work with someone who can help. Marketing a webinar is the most important part; you don’t want only two people to attend. Record your webinar so you can easily replay it. Keep the content simple and make sure it flows well, meaning you’re not on the same slide for too long.

Keep a Content Inventory

Just as you have a content calendar for keeping track of what you plan to post, you should maintain an inventory of all your content. This document might look very similar to your content calendar. The idea is to know what content you have created and where you have used it. That way you can reshare it, repurpose it, and reuse it in the future. Your inventory can include a column listing when and where each piece of content has been shared and reused. You might also note statistics about retweets or comments to see which items are doing well.

Need help? Contact us to get help creating infographics, videos, and webinars for your website.

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