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4 Things to Know Before Designing a Website

4 Things to Know Before Designing a WebsiteDoes your New Year Resolution include launching a website for your business?

That’s great! Your business website is the best way to boost your digital presence on the web.

In addition to that, many marketers consider it as the hub for inbound marketing. That‘s because you can connect all your blogs and social media platforms to the official website.

However, this is only possible if your website is exceptionally good. You see, business websites aren’t just a digital placard on the web. Rather they have the potential of boosting sales and widening your network.

Thus, it is better to research and plan what you’re going to do before you actually do it.

Here are a handful of things to consider before you design your website:

1. The Domain

The fact of the matter is that you may have the coolest product and the best services in the industry. But you won’t get any web traffic if your website address is a set of nonsensical words. The reason is that people need to remember your website’s name in order to type it in every time they need your services.

Thus, your website address should be:

  • Relevant to your industry/service and the brand name
  • Plain and simple
  • Catchy

This will ensure that the customers will instantly enter your domain name and won’t get bombarded with other options when they enter Google.

Additionally, apart from the name, make sure that the domain is secured. You don’t want your target audience to shun your website because of security issues.

2. The Layout

You may already know that website designing is mostly about the presentation. But the problem is that people have a hard time balancing that with the navigation. Our advice is to create a website that is simple in design and has a user-friendly interface. Otherwise, you’ll find the web visitors leaving the digital premises when they get confused by the theatrics you’ve put on display.

Make sure that your website’s layout is:

  • Not complex
  • Easy to navigate
  • Vivid and animated

Furthermore, try to add interactive features like chatbots, social media plug-ins and comment sections on your website. This will boost the user-engagement and interest in your business.

3. The Content

Isn’t content marketing part of blogging?

Nope! Despite what you may think, content marketing is a part of every type of marketing strategy you employ on the internet. And your official website is not exempted from its usage. Therefore, it’s essential that you invest in a good copywriter.

Basically, the content you put on your website must be:

  • Informative without being dull
  • Carrying a conversational tone
  • Subtly persuading visitors to make a purchase

In short, write a compelling web copy that sells everything without appearing as blatant advertisements.

4. The Mobile Era

The days of desktop computers are long lost. Well, not really but how many of us browse on proper computers anymore? The answer is next to none.

Hence, the fact that most of your target audience will be on their phones is crucial for web design. That’s because you’ll want to create an adaptable website that fits the small smartphone screens without inconvenience.

In a nutshell, web design can’t be based only on skills. You have to take other aspects of digital marketing into account if you want it to be successful. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt to check out the competition before you launch your own website.

Need a suggestion?

Digital marketers think that relying on a professional web designer is a good idea. Not only will they build a brilliant website but they’ll also ensure that it stays safe and secure. So if you live in North Carolina then give Print and Web Designer a call.

Are you ready to build your website?

Here is a cheat sheet to get you started!

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