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Why Content Writing is So Important for SEO

A man looking at the performance metrics on Google AnalyticsA lot of people who don’t understand Google’s algorithm think that content writing beats the purpose of search engine optimization. However, what they don’t know is that content writing and SEO go hand in hand; their functions blend and overlap each other until one cannot exist without the other.

When they are at their best, they have the potential to shoot up your site to the top of the search engine.

Here are some of the ways that content marketing benefits SEO.

SEO Requires Strategic Use of Keyword

Although websites and blog posts have come a long way, keywords still matter. You can determine their importance from the fact that your website’s rankings depend upon whether you have used a specific keyword in your page title or not.

Before you start making your content, make sure you have a list of the most important and relevant keywords related to the topic. These keywords are the most likely terms that people will use to find your business, products or services.

Once your content is completed, incorporate the keywords wisely into them. Do not overuse or force them where they are not necessary. Also, make use of LSI keywords and long-tailed alternatives.

Google will rank your content if it has the relevant terms that people are searching for. However, if your content is not unique and relevant, it will be very difficult to rank it on a specific keyword.

Quality Content Can Create Quality Backlinks

One of the most important off-page activities of SEO is to form quality backlinks, so that you can provide users more opportunities to come to your site. Most of us focus on our social media and social networking accounts to acquire backlinks. However, this is not the only way.

Your real success will come when people voluntarily start to link to your website. Why would they do that?

They will do that because they appreciate the content that you post and find you a credible source for such topics. These backlinks will not only bring in more visitors than you could ever get on your own, but Google will also see them as validation to rank your website.

Search Engine Needs Content To Rank Your Website

If your website does not have any relevant content, on what basis will Google rank it? Google ranks videos in its Google Video section, it ranks images in its Google Images section, and in its All section, it ranks quality content.

That’s why quality content writing is so important for SEO. It does not just let Google rank your website, it also tells it for what keywords your content needs to be ranked.

Content Writing Leads to Search Task Accomplishment

Search Task Accomplishment means giving users exactly what they are looking for. The benefit to you is that Google is now working to rank content only if it offers the most appropriate solution, and exactly the information users are looking for.

If your content does that, your website will rank. If not, it may disappear from the relevant search results.

When content marketing and SEO are not in harmony with each other, they can cause harsh penalties from Google, which can be virtually impossible to recover from. However, when content is optimized, it dramatically reduces website visibility, traffic, engagement, and ranking.

If you want your website to stay in the spotlight, you need to commit yourself to creating optimized content. Print & Web Designer can help you bring your A-game when it comes to content marketing and SEO. Contact us on 919-891-0545 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will help you rank your website on Google’s top result pages.

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